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ID NW-P-0694-23
Date 2023-06-01 21:43 UTC To 2023-12-01 20:06 UTC
Status Cancelled
Title Waterway information - ECHO Program
Cancelled by NW-P-1592-23
Areas Haro Strait
Strait of Georgia
Washington State - San Juan Islands
Categories Waterway Information (Other)

As of June 1, 2023, the ECHO program voluntary slowdown is now in effect for all commercial and government vessels transiting through Haro Strait and Boundary Pass to reduce the impacts of commercial shipping on at-risk whales in these key areas.  


If it is safe and operationally feasible to do so, commercial and government vessels are requested to not exceed the following speeds through the water:  


11 knots – Bulkers, tankers, general cargo vessels and government vessels; and,  

14.5 knots – Vehicle carriers, cruise ships, and container vessels.  


The voluntary vessel slowdown takes place between the vessel traffic separation scheme at the south end of Haro Strait, and the vessel traffic separation scheme at the north end of Boundary Pass. Speed transition zones are in place within the established traffic system at both approaches to the slowdown area. The north transition zone are those waters between north of Boat Pass, Saturna Island and Rosenfeld Rock and the south transition zone are those waters between buoy VH at the Victoria pilot station, and Sea Bird Point at the southeast corner of Discovery Island. There are also two optional slow down areas, one rounding turn point and the other between Turn point, Saturna Island and Alden Point, Patos Island.  This initiative will remain in effect 24 hours per day until 2359 PST on November 30, 2023, or when southern resident killer whales are considered to be no longer active in the subject waterways.  


For more detailed information related to this slowdown and the ECHO program, refer to the following internet web address:  

    Pt 1: 48° 24.999'N 123° 12.703'W
    Pt 2: 48° 24.974'N 123° 09.718'W
    Pt 3: 48° 29.295'N 123° 08.342'W
    Pt 4: 48° 30.508'N 123° 10.081'W
    Pt 5: 48° 35.217'N 123° 12.612'W
    Pt 6: 48° 38.323'N 123° 12.365'W
    Pt 7: 48° 39.318'N 123° 13.118'W
    Pt 8: 48° 39.755'N 123° 11.872'W
    Pt 9: 48° 40.629'N 123° 14.183'W
    Pt 10: 48° 41.366'N 123° 14.274'W
    Pt 11: 48° 45.511'N 123° 01.852'W
    Pt 12: 48° 47.786'N 122° 59.126'W
    Pt 13: 48° 48.213'N 123° 00.852'W
    Pt 14: 48° 46.443'N 123° 03.124'W
    Pt 15: 48° 43.799'N 123° 10.769'W
    Pt 16: 48° 43.199'N 123° 16.039'W
    Pt 17: 48° 39.412'N 123° 16.039'W
    Pt 18: 48° 32.851'N 123° 13.440'W
    Pt 19: 48° 25.004'N 123° 12.648'W
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