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ID NW-Q-0311-15
Date 2015-04-17 00:00 UTC To 2022-05-11 18:53 UTC
Status Cancelled
Title Calculation of under-keel clearance
Cancelled by NW-Q-0560-22
Areas Montréal to Trois-Rivières
Vicinity Sorel–Montreal
Categories Waterway Information (Other)

Since July 25, 2014, Canadian Coast Guard Marine Communications and Traffic Services has been using all Canadian Hydrographic Service water level stations for the calculation of passage authorizations in the Sorel–Montreal sector, namely Contrecoeur, Varennes, Montreal-Frontenac and Montreal-Jetty No. 1.

In light of the particular features of the navigation waterway in the Contrecoeur–Varennes sector, it was agreed to adjust upward by 12 cm the water column at these two locations. The minimum water column in the Sorel–Montreal sector, obtained after adjustment, will be used for the calculation of under-keel clearance

Position 45° 43.422'N 073° 25.642'W
Charts 1310(NAD83), 1310(NAD83), 1311(NAD83), 1400(NAD27);  Horizontal positions are based on NAD83.

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