NAVWARN details

ID NW-P-1390-21
Date 2021-10-23 01:06 UTC To 2021-10-23 01:13 UTC
Status Cancelled
Title Drifting Hazard - Lost Shipping Containers
Cancels NW-P-1387-21
Cancelled by NW-P-1391-21
Areas West Coast Vancouver Island South
Categories Drifting Hazard (Other)

Floating debris reported in the vicinity of 48 34.900N 125 41.283W at 230105 UTC Oct 2021. Approximately 35 shipping containers reported lost overboard. Containers are floating and partially submerged. 


Position Centroid : 48° 29.190'N 125° 43.290'W, Radius: 4 nm
Charts 3602(NAD83)

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