NAVWARN details

ID NW-M-1436-06
Date 2006-07-20 00:00 UTC
Status Published
Title Miramichi survey number 2 chart 4911
Areas Chaleur - Miscou - south
Categories Survey Results

The Canadian Coast Guard has recently completed new survey soundings in the Miramichi river indicating that infilling of the buoyed channel on chart 4911 in the sector of the river from outer bar to Portage Island have substantially reduced and altered the former channel. Mariners are strongly cautioned that the infilling is continuous in the Miramichi river and therefore past local knowledge may be incomplete or not up-to-date. In particular, due to increased infilling in the Miramichi river between buoys M5 and M10 the fixed and floating aids to navigation may not provide the degree of accuracy required by masters of certified commercial vessels to safely navigate this channel. Any further commercial usage of the buoyed channel in its current condition is solely at the discretion of vessel masters. In addition, all other users of the river are advised that the cautions contained in this Notship may apply to their own vessels in this area. Mariners must exercise extreme caution and should continually monitor for the issuance of new Notships. Written Notship M1174 also refers.

Position 47° 09.568'N 065° 00.016'W
Charts 4911(NAD83)