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ID NW-C-1322-24
Date 2024-06-11 22:54 UTC To 2024-06-16 13:11 UTC
Status Cancelled
Title Offshore Works
Cancels NW-C-1272-24
Cancels NW-C-1321-24
Cancelled by NW-C-1386-24
Areas Lake Erie
Vicinity Port Alma
Categories Drill Rig On Location

Drill barge Miss Libby at 42 05.754N 082 08.421W with four point mooring and anchor balls extending 610 metres from barge and will be flaring natural gas periodically.

Ships are prohibited from approaching within 50 metres of the rig's anchor pattern, unless specifically exempted.

Caution. Stay clear.

Position 42° 05.754'N 082° 08.421'W
Charts 2122(NAD83)

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