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ID NW-C-1320-24
Date 2024-06-11 21:13 UTC
Status Published
Title Marine works - Bridge repair
Areas Trent-Severn Waterway
Vicinity Chemong Lake
Categories Marine Works (Other)

Bridge repair work taking place on the Chemong Bridge of the James A Gifford causeway. Temporary work platform hanging below the bridge on the north side reducing veritcal clearance by 30 centimetres. A 4 metre channel through the centre of the bridge will remain unrestricted. 

Centroid : 44° 23.150'N 078° 23.175'W
    Pt 1: 44° 23.174'N 078° 23.191'W
    Pt 2: 44° 23.157'N 078° 23.136'W
    Pt 3: 44° 23.125'N 078° 23.158'W
    Pt 4: 44° 23.144'N 078° 23.213'W
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