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ID NW-P-0839-24
Date 2024-06-03 14:10 UTC To 2024-12-01 08:00 UTC
Status Published
Title Waterway information - Seasonal Slowdown Areas
Areas West Coast Vancouver Island South
Categories Waterway Information (Other)

Effective 010001UTC JUN 1 2024, to comply with the Interim Order for the Protection of Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) in the Waters of Southern British Columbia, 2024, vessels must adhere to the requirements of two Speed Restricted Zones (previously called Seasonal Slowdown Areas) near Swiftsure Bank, in which all vessels are restricted to a maximum speed of 10 knots over ground, with the coordinates listed in Schedule 3 of the Interim Order. The Speed Restricted Zones are in effect until November 30th, 2024.


Details of vessels excepted from the Speed Restricted Zones are described in Sections 9(2) and 10(2) of the Interim Order.


Failure to comply with the Interim Order for the Protection of the Killer Whales in the Waters of Southern British Columbia, 2024 could lead to enforcement action, including fines.


Further details are available at Transport Canada’s website or upon request from a Marine Communications and Traffic Services Centre.

Centroid : 48° 38.581'N 124° 55.028'W (Waters Subject to Speed Restrictions Mouth of the Nitinat River)
    Pt 1: 48° 42.377'N 125° 00.000'W
    Pt 2: 48° 36.683'N 125° 00.000'W
    Pt 3: 48° 36.683'N 124° 45.083'W
    Pt 4: 48° 42.377'N 125° 00.000'W
Centroid : 48° 33.314'N 124° 52.158'W (Waters Subject to Speed Restrictions Swiftsure Bank)
    Pt 1: 48° 34.000'N 125° 06.000'W
    Pt 2: 48° 32.100'N 125° 01.760'W
    Pt 3: 48° 32.100'N 124° 49.545'W
    Pt 4: 48° 32.017'N 124° 46.593'W
    Pt 5: 48° 31.150'N 124° 43.483'W
    Pt 6: 48° 35.717'N 124° 43.430'W
    Pt 7: 48° 34.000'N 124° 54.190'W
    Pt 8: 48° 34.000'N 125° 06.000'W
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