NAVWARN details

ID NW-P-0591-24
Date 2024-04-23 22:34 UTC To 2024-04-25 00:30 UTC
Status Cancelled
Title Military Zone WG
Areas Strait of Georgia
Categories Surface, Subsurface and Air Operations

Military Exercise Area WG will be active for surface, subsurface and air activities from 24 Apr 1430 UTC to 25 Apr 0030 UTC. During operations WG is extremely hazardous and closed to marine traffic. Entry is prohibited pursuant to the Defence Controlled Access Area Regulations. Safe passage is available within 0.5nm North of Winchelsea Island and within 0.5 nm East of Ballenas Island. Contact Winchelsea Island Control on VHF Channel 10 for additional information. Ref: NOTMAR F35 - Annual Edition.

Centroid : 49° 18.607'N 123° 56.566'W
    Pt 1: 49° 21.350'N 124° 07.700'W
    Pt 2: 49° 21.000'N 123° 48.400'W
    Pt 3: 49° 14.380'N 123° 48.400'W
    Pt 4: 49° 16.750'N 124° 00.900'W
    Pt 5: 49° 19.350'N 124° 07.700'W
Charts 3512(NAD83)

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