NAVWARN details

ID NW-A-0266-23
Date 2023-12-08 13:29 UTC To 2024-05-17 13:36 UTC
Status Cancelled
Title End of Seasonal Operations
Cancelled by NW-A-0038-24
Areas Shipping Safety Control Zone 15
Categories VFF Seasonal

Iqaluit MCTS Centre will cease operations for the 2023 navigational season effective 151400 UTC Dec 2023. Control of NORDREG Canada will be transferred from MCTS Iqaluit/VFF to MCTS Les Escoumins/VCF at 151400 UTC Dec 2023. Messages addressed to NORDREG Canada should be sent to MCTS Les Escoumins via facsimile at 418-233-3299, telephone at 418-233-3483, email to:, via telex at 063-15529 NORDREG CDA or via the nearest MCTS Centre.

Position 63° 43.867'N 068° 32.533'W
Charts 7127(NAD83)

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