NAVWARN details

ID NW-A-0237-23
Date 2023-10-18 17:43 UTC
Status Published
Title Obstruction
Areas Shipping Safety Control Zone 13
Categories Scientific Moorings

Subsurface mooring deployed in 72 02.181N 080 33.445W, depth of 270m, top of mooring 15m.

Subsurface mooring deployed in 72 38.051N 079 50.501W, depth of 540m, top of mooring 15m.

These moorings will be retrieved early July 2024.

Position 72° 02.181'N 080° 33.445'W
72° 38.051'N 079° 50.501'W
Charts 7212(WGS84), 7513(WGS84)

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