NAVWARN details

ID NW-A-0213-18
Date 2018-11-05 00:00 UTC
Status Published
Title Obstruction
Areas Shipping Safety Control Zone 11
Vicinity Cambridge Bay
Categories Scientific Moorings

Oceanographic observatory installed in Cambridge Bay. Equipment modifications. A cable on the sea floor in Cambridge Bay, from the northwest corner of the dock located at 69 06.834N 105 03.609W, at a depth of 9 metres to an instrument platform located at 69 06.7734N 105 03.8346W then to a secondary hydrophone platform in position 69 06.7344N 105 03.8442W. A blue rope with floats and weights extends approximately 37 metres southeast of the secondary hydrophone platform to an end point at 69 06.7164N 105 03.822W.
WGS-84 datum applies to all measurements.

Position 69° 06.834'N 105° 03.609'W
Charts 7750(NAD83)