NAVWARN details

ID NW-N-1658-16
Date 2016-11-28 00:00 UTC
Status Published
Title Wave rider buoy and anchors deployed Lord's Cove
Areas Southwest Coast
Categories Scientific Buoy & Apparatus

The Wave Energy Research Centre will be deploying a wave rider buoy and 4 anchors in Lord's Cove in an area bounded by the following coordinates

46 52.12N 055 39.78W
46 51.85N 055 39.78W
46 52.12N 055 39.39W
46 51.85N 055 39.39W

The area will be marked at the corners with yellow spar buoys with yellow lights and smaller reflective buoys will be placed every 100 metres between the corners. The wave rider buoy is yellow,triangular, measures 3m per side and is marked with reflective tape.


Position 46° 52.120'N 055° 39.780'W
Charts 4625(NAD83)