NAVWARN details

ID NW-Q-0606-19
Date 2019-04-30 18:26 UTC To 2019-06-24 12:53 UTC
Status Cancelled
Title Waterway information
Cancels NW-Q-0574-19
Cancelled by NW-Q-1036-19
Areas Donnacona to Beauport
Trois-Rivières to Donnacona
Vicinity Batiscan to Quebec
Categories Waterway Information (Other)

Due to high water levels and at the request of Transport Canada, mariners are requested to navigate at safe speed in order to avoid damages to shore properties. Particular attention must be paid when meeting or overtaking.

When water levels are critical, navigate with extreme caution.

Reference: Notices to mariners, annual edition Section A5 Notice 12.

Centroid : 46° 39.081'N 071° 43.977'W
    Pt 1: 46° 34.534'N 072° 16.086'W
    Pt 2: 46° 53.222'N 071° 10.433'W
    Pt 3: 46° 49.616'N 071° 04.501'W
    Pt 4: 46° 24.601'N 072° 08.606'W
46° 31.200'N 072° 08.400'W
46° 41.670'N 071° 40.409'W
Charts 1314(NAD83), 1315(NAD83), 1316(NAD83)